Emergency Medicine Rotation Sites


Rural Site: Mount Graham Community Hospital
Location: Safford, Arizona close to Mount Graham, natural hot springs and a lot of hiking and fishing.
Type of site: Rural mining town
Distance from Tucson: 127 miles (2 hours) in southwest AZ
Housing: Provided in a one-bedroom private apartment

Special Features:

  • Busy bread and butter EM
  • A lot of procedures (central lines, intubations, lac repairs)
  • A lot of pediatric patients and OB
  • Critical care

Rural Site: Tuba City
Location: Tuba City, Arizona; close to Canyon de Chelly, Grand Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park
Type of Site: Border Health
Distance from Tucson: 340 miles (6 hours)
Housing: Coming soon.

Special Features:

  • Busy Level-2 Trauma ED
  • Many traumas and critical care
  • Interesting pathologies
  • Many procedures including central lines, intubations, and running codes.  
  • POCUS (point of care ultrasound)
  • Chance to do helicopter and ambulance ride-a-longs and home visits

Rural Site: Bisbee and Douglas, AZ
Location: Douglas and Bisbee, Arizona; close to Mexico Border
Type of Site: Border town
Distance from Tucson: 120 miles (2 hours)
Housing: Coming soon.

Special Features:

  • Busy bread and butter EM
  • Many Procedures (central lines, intubations, running codes, lac repairs, I&D)
  • Interesting pathologies
  • Stabilizing acutely ill patients for transfer
  • Lots of autonomy
  • Many Spanish speaking patients (including Mexican Citizens)