Information Technology at FCM

FCM offers an impressive computing and technology infrastructure to ensure that its academic functions are appropriately integrated with the technology of information management. To request IT services:


FCM locations have high-speed network and Internet connectivity provided and supported by University Information Technology Services (UITS). FCM offices, both on and off-campus, are linked together and secured from the rest of the campus network and public Internet. FCM provides secure remote access to its network resources via virtual private network (VPN) connections.

Wireless network access (FCM-Wireless) is available at most FCM locations. In addition, UITS provides UAWiFi, the campus wireless network, covering much of the university including the Arizona Health Sciences Center and the College of Medicine campus in Phoenix.


E-mail accounts with up to 10GB of disk space are provided and supported by UITS. These accounts can be used from a web-interface called Outlook Web Access, or through an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook on a computer or smartphone. Contact our IT Service desk for assistance getting set up.

Server Resources:

Server service are provided and supported by UITS. Services include: group and personal file storage; application, web and database hosting; calendaring; software updating; and VPN. Server resources and data are restricted to authorized personnel using domain managed user accounts and security groups.

Collaboration and Presentation Tools:  

FCM faculty and staff have free access to shared equipment, such as laptops, LCD projectors, electronic whiteboards, conference phones, and video conferencing systems.

Software Applications:  

Software Applications are available through the University of Arizona Software Licensing website for a reduced cost. Many software titles are now free for use on university-owned computers.