How To Help

Make a Gift

Artworks thankfully accepts donations by cash, check, or credit card

To donate through the UA Foundation:

The ArtWorks Program

The Joseph Rossi Jr. Endowment

The Philip and Bobbie Hanft ArtWorks Endowment

Bob and Mary Paulin Endownment


Or by check:

Write a check payable to the University of Arizona Foundation and specify
"FCM: ArtWorks Program," "FCM: The Joseph Rossi Jr. Endowment," "FCM: The Philip and Bobbie Hanft Artworks Endowment" or "FCM Bob and Mary Paulin Endowment"
on the check's memo line. Checks should be mailed to: 
Family and Community Medicine
655 N Alvernon Way, Ste 228
Tucson, AZ 85711

If you would like to contribute cash, please make donation to:

Philip and Bobbie Hanft Endowment UA Foundation, ArtWorks. This would be the only means for us to increase wages of our fabulous direct care workers and art instructors. 

ArtWorks Wish List 

In addition to monetary donations, we are always grateful to receive studio supplies. If you would like to contribute, here are examples of what we need need:

  • Electric Pencil sharpener [4: class room or professional grade]
  • Classroom radio speaker with AUX input [3]
  • Acrylic paints [Artist grade]
  • Water Colors [Artist grade]
  • Color Pencils [Artist grade]
  • Water Color Crayons
  • Permanent Markers [Color]
  • Makers [Artist grade]
  • Glazes for ceramics [Low tem fire]
  • Painting Brushes
  • Gingher Knife Edge Fabric Scissors [2]
  • Sowing notions
  • Buttons
  • Copy Papers
  • Water Color Papers
  • Blue tapes
  • Gently used Hand and Kitchen Towels
  • Table saw
  • Home Depot gift card for gallery work table and other facilities maintenance needs

Coffee Cart Project: In addition to our ongoing wish list of supplies, we are planning to develop a coffee cart in front of our Gallery where a partner business could run a coffee business and could hire a few of our artists for a few hours/day. To accomplish this project, we need funding for landscaping and a coffee cart.