Vicky has been coming to ArtWorks since 2013 and she is part of the ArtWorks Mary T. Paulin Gallery work program.  She is an artist that likes to work with all different mediums, from ceramics to rubber stamp prints, painting on canvas to 3D sculptures - she really does it all.  But if there is one thing Vicky is known for, it’s her graphic-text signs.  Her work is inspired by patterns, colors, shapes and her life. Vicky has a love and talent for her craft and that is very evident in the way she works. She is careful and precise with every mark. Her work is best described as illustrative, colorful patterns. Besides visual art, Vicky is an amazing dancer and singer and loves the performing arts.  She always makes a lasting impression at the annual talent show.


acrylic on raw canvas
collage on paper
mixed media on paper
acrylic on wood
acrylic on paper
watercolor on canvas