Ricky has been at ArtWorks since 1994. Ricky is a really happy person and a great abstract artist. His mediums of choice are acrylic paint, paper and yarn weavings. The yarn weavings, or “wrapping” are a unique style to Ricky; he wraps with different colored yarn things such as bike tires and steering wheels. He can wrap anything given to him. Ricky draws his inspiration from color and textures; therefore, in his 2-D artwork his focus color and the energy in his linework, brushstrokes, and repetition. His art consists of vibrant colors and brush strokes colliding with one another to create very abstract designs. He works at a fast pace but puts an extreme amount of care into each of his art designs. Ricky’s work can best be described as hectic and abstract. One of Ricky’s favorite pastimes is ripping up newspaper and you can find Ricky happily humming to himself throughout the day. 


acrylic on raw canvas
acrylic on paper
acrylic on canvas
mixed media
mixed media on fabric
mixed media
mixed media on matboard
acrylic on paper maché