Karen has been at ArtWorks since 2001. Her favorite art mediums are drawing, painting and ceramics; and her work is often inspired by her fishes Shrek, Nemo and Dora.  Karen's main technique is “scribbling” which is best described as layers of overlapping circle line drawings. She can project her “scribbling” style in any media, such as ceramics, watercolors, pastels and mixed media. Her process is all about repetition. Her work can best be described as colorful, repeating, abstract linework. She has an energetic and playful personality. Karen likes to talk and always asks her ArtWorks friends how they are doing and reminds them that she loves them.


monotype of paper
acrylic monotype on paper
mixed media on paper
mixed media on wood
mixed media
mixed media
acrylic on matboard
acrylic on canvas