Joey has been coming to ArtWorks since 2012  and is part of ArtWorks’ Mary T. Paulin gallery work program.  Joey likes to work in a variety of mediums including collage, watercolor, and ceramics.  His positive attitude reflects a lot in his work.  Joey has many inspirations for his art work; one major inspiration is “Old Tucson” and the subjects of his work usually include cowboys, cowgirls and everything western. His process varies among projects but he is always a very open minded artist that likes to learn how to do new things. Joey’s work is best described as western and happy. He is a social butterfly;  Every morning when Joey gets to ArtWorks he goes into every studio and says good morning to all the teachers and artists before he starts his work.  He is always smiling and it radiates everywhere he goes to make anyone near him smile too. 


mixed media on paper
acrylic & marker on canvas
mixed media on wood
mixed media
mixed media
mixed media collage on paper
relief print on paper