Jimmy has been at ArtWorks since 1994. He is a prolific drawer and can draw many art pieces each day.  His favorite mediums are pastels, sharpies, watercolors and acrylics. Jimmy is inspired by his environment and often draws things that are on his mind. His work often depicts  transportation vehicles such as trains, buses and planes but he is not exclusive to those topics; Jimmy will often draw holiday pictures and Buddy the ArtWorks cat. He is a very process-oriented artist.  Since he only works in a specific way, his work is very recognizable in style and subject matter.  His work is best described by its angular forms and subject matter. Jimmy loves to stay on schedule; his favorite things about the day are his tea, morning and afternoon coffee, weekly Friday magazine, Buddy and sunshine. Jimmy is notably elated around holidays and loves ArtWorks parties.


acrylic & watercolor on paper
acrylic on canvas
watercolor on paper
watercolor on paper
acrylic on paper