Jen has been going to ArtWorks since 2004 and she is part of the ArtWorks Mary T. Paulin gallery program.  As the lead member of the ArtWorks news group, Jen is interested in all of her fellow artists’ lives in and out of ArtWorks and records the news everyone reports each day. Jen is an amazing artist with fabrics, weavings and latch hook projects; her other mediums of choice are drawing and painting. Jen loves drawing hearts, flowers and animals; she says coloring the flowers and hearts fills her with joy, and this is clear when you see her work, which is best described as cheerful, colorful and positive. She has a good-natured attitude and will often let her friends know that she loves them. 



mixed media on paper
oil paint stick & watercolor on glass
mixed media on wood
mixed media
mixed media collage on paper