Jack has been coming to ArtWorks since 2005 and he is part of the ArtWorks Mary T. Paulin gallery program. As an ArtWorks leader, he is a teacher’s assistant and enjoys helping fellow artists and guests. He creatively works in many forms of media including film, painting, cardboard and wire sculpture, costume-making and printmaking. His  family is his greatest inspiration which is notable in his work that focuses on fantasy story telling and his family’s ranchers background.  In his process, Jack first develops his idea and then determines the materials he will use. His work is very diverse, creative and conceptual. Jack says, “my life is a story,” and this is  distinguishable part of Jack. He prides himself in helping his ArtWorks family and has a caring heart for his friends and loved ones.     


colored pencil & watercolor on paper
colored pencil on paper
acrylic & marker on canvas
watercolor on wood
acrylic on canvas
monotype & watercolor on paper