Cody started Artworks in the spring of 2017. This detail-oriented artist prefers to work with pencils, markers, and acrylic paint, and he often creates cartoons in the form of comic strips, objects, and landscapes. Cody has an excellent sense of perspective, detail, and shadow, and he can accurately recreate images from magazines, books, and other reference sources. Apart from his time at Artworks, Cody has attended an art awakening and art classes at Pima Community College. He hopes to learn about photography so he can take his own reference pictures, and he also has aspirations in acting, music, and voice animation. In his spare time, Cody likes to sing, watch movies and TV, and build with legos.


graphite & charcoal on paper
mixed media on canvas
colored pencil & marker on paper
acrylic on paper
acrylic on paper