Carol has been part of ArtWorks since 2012. She is one of ArtWorks’ most active artists. She is a great participant as she is passionate about being helpful, encouraging, and creative. She often works with markers but her preferred medium is acrylic paint.  Recently, Carol has been enjoying experimenting with   mixed media. She is often inspired by other art, family, friends, and nature and so, her work often depicts flowers, birds, landscapes and still-lifes. She is an artist that actively creates; when she has something in mind, she simply goes for it. Carol’s method begins with a graphite drawing and uses another medium  for color. Her work is very colorful, vibrant, and alive. Among her other talents, she is an excellent creative dancer and can recognize an array of songs and musicians.


watercolor & graphite on paper
watercolor on paper
watercolor & oil pastel on paper
mixed media on paper
mixed media on paper
acrylic on paper
mixed media on paper