Tucson Family Advocacy Program

About Us

Tucson Family Advocacy Program Mission

TFAP’s mission is to improve the health of low income families in Arizona by providing coordinated legal, medical, social work and educational services in a health care setting.  

As part of this mission, TFAP is working to:

  • Improve the ability of low income families to access benefits and services necessary for health and well being
  • Increase health care provider awareness of non-medical problems impacting patient health; knowledge of legal and social resources to address these problems; and ability to identify and assist patients in need of these services
  • Increase collaborations between Arizona’s medical, legal and social service communities to improve health of low income families

Our Team

Director, Tucson Family Advocacy Program
Assistant Professor
UA Family & Community Medicine
Medical Director, Tucson Family Advocacy Program
Associate Professor, Clinical
UA Family & Community Medicine
Advocacy Attorney
Tucson Family Advocacy Program
UA Family & Community Medicine
Elizabeth Kyle Meehan, MD
Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine
South Campus Residency Program Director

Our Partners

TFAP’s work would not be possible without the help of other partners and volunteers including:

MLP Network

TFAP is part of the MLP Network, a voluntary affiliation of medical legal partnerships created by the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships. Medical legal partnerships in the Network share resources, help to cultivate best practices and engage in joint projects.  These partnerships provide services to vulnerable patients in over 442 health care organizations in 48 states. Information on the MLP Network and the National Center for Medical Legal Partnership is available at www.medical-legalpartnership.org/