Rhea Merriman Retires After 30 Years of Service at FCM

Congratulations to Rhea Merriman, program coordinator senior, South Campus Family Medicine Residency Program, on her retirement after 30 years with FCM!

Congratulations to Rhea Merriman, program coordinator senior, South Campus Family Medicine Residency Program, on her retirement after 30 years with FCM!

"Rhea has been a staple in FCM, and we are so grateful for her incredible contributions to the department and to residency education," said Myra Muramoto, MD, MPH, professor and chair of FCM.

Rhea started working at FCM in 1989, with Janet Senf, PhD, research professor (emerita)  on research projects with HIV/AIDs patients. In 1992, she transitioned to working part of her time with the Alvernon Family Medicine Residency program with Craig McClure, MD, professor. Her steady presence and pioneering attitude helped the residency program flourish, and she soon became the program coordinator for the residency. Rhea continued to work with the Alvernon Residency for nearly 20 years. She worked with many Alvernon program directors, including Vicky Murrain, DO, associate professor, Patricia Lebensohn, MD, professor, Edward Paul, MD, clinical associate professor, and Colleen Cagno, MD, associate professor.

In 2010, Dr. Murrain and former South Campus residency program director Victor Weaver, MD, encouraged Rhea to bring her experience and GME history to the newly created South Campus Family Medicine Residency program. She helped get the South Campus GME and all South Campus residencies off the ground. She has served as senior program coordinator for the South Campus Family Medicine Residency since 2010. Rhea has lead our residency programs through growth and change. She has influenced the training and careers of hundreds of residents. She is known for her honesty and integrity, her sense of humor and her willingness to listen and spend time with anyone in need. Rhea will retire on June 30, and will be greatly missed. 

South Campus Interim Residency Program Director Elizabeth "Kyle" Meehan, MD, recalls: "Rhea and I became fast friends. She explained to me that her heart was captured by the doctors and mission of the department long ago, after a personal experience with her father’s family physician. As a newer addition to our department, it was clear to me from the beginning that Rhea had captured the hearts of those in this department long ago as well. She embodies the family medicine spirit as relationship with others is the most important aspect of her life. She nurtures relationships with others with such kindness, compassion, and attention that knowing Rhea brings you closer to your true self and your most important values. She is an extraordinary mix of love, warmth, humor, honesty and grit. She showed me the ropes when I joined South Campus. She has mentored me and has become part of my family."

Rhea said that one of her favorite things about working at FCM has been "Watching the residents grow into confident, capable doctors."  What is one thing she is looking forward to in retirement? "Spending more time with family."  View photos from Rhea's retirement party>>

Release Date: 
06/19/2019 - 10:45am