University of Arizona RISE Health & Wellness Center Celebrates 50th ‘Camp Wellness’

The University of Arizona RISE Health & Wellness Center’s Camp Wellness begins its 50th camp on Monday, Sept. 17. Named “The Golden Camp,” it will culminate in a special “Jubilation Celebration” on Thursday, Nov. 15.

Camp Wellness is an award-winning program of the UA Department of Family and Community Medicine for individuals with serious mental illnesses (SMI), general mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

Adults with SMI or a general mental health/substance use disorder diagnosis through Arizona Complete Care (formerly named Cenpatico) or University of Arizona Health Plans may be eligible to attend.

Over the past 49 camps, Camp Wellness has helped improve the lives of more than 1,600 adults throughout Southern Arizona. By attending Camp Wellness, students learn to:

  • Choose and prepare healthful meals
  • Understand the human body and how to keep it healthy
  • Enjoy safe, supported exercise
  • Interact socially in a positive, challenging, supportive learning environment

Camp Wellness employs “health mentors”—certified recovery support specialists, who have experienced SMI or substance use disorders and have gone through training to provide peer support and teach classes to others living with SMI and/or substance use disorders.

“The health mentors are essential to the success students achieve through the program, said Cheryl Glass, director of Camp Wellness. “It is a joy to see people improving week after week, daring to dream and achieving their goals.”

In Arizona, individuals with SMI live about 33 years less than the average population. Sixty percent of these early deaths are due to preventable causes such as tobacco use, obesity, poverty and lack of access to health care. The goal of Camp Wellness is to enhance each student’s knowledge, skills and integration into healthy lifestyle choices.

To enroll in Camp Wellness, please visit . If you have questions about Camp Wellness, please contact Pamela Wagner, 520-396-2310, or email

To make a tax-deductible gift to Camp Wellness, please go to Camp Wellness is located at 1030 N. Alvernon Way.

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