Alvernon Family Medicine Residency

ERAS ID: University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson Program

ACGME #: 1200312032


Welcome to Alvernon Family Medicine Residency Program

Since 1972, the University of Arizona Alvernon Family Medicine Residency Program has sought to train family physicians who address health disparities in the exam room and in our health system. The mission of our residency program is to prepare full-spectrum physicians to provide excellent family-centered, community-responsive care with an emphasis on diverse and underserved populations. Guided by our core values of (1) Promotion and valuing of diversity, (2) working with underserved populations, (3) creation of a positive and supportive learning environment, (4) maintenance of strong, well-rounded academics, we strive to create leaders in the field of family medicine to positively affect the health of our communities. Welcome from the Residency Director >>





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