High Volume Obstetrics Experience


We strive to provide the obstetric experience that each individual resident desires. For those not choosing to practice OB in the future, you will follow the usual rotation schedule with a goal of completing 20-40 deliveries.
For those who would like a more robust OB experience with a goal of 80-100 deliveries. How you reach that goal is slightly different depending on the track.

South Campus – additional OB rotations

  • 1 Rural OB block as a PGY-1, instead of Rural FM (you will do rural FM as a PGY-2)
  • 1 high volume OB month as a PGY-3 elective

Alvernon – additional OB rotations

  • 1 high volume OB month as a PGY-2 elective
  • 1 high volume OB month as a PGY-3 elective

Additional OB curriculum experience for both tracks

  • Additional involvement in Mobile Health prenatal program
  • Assigned to a mentor who practices OB
  • Teaching in the ALSO course as a PGY-2 and/or PGY-3
  • Opportunity to attend an ALSO instructor course if scheduling allows