What job titles might Project FUTRE prepare me for?
Graduates would be well-prepared for roles such as: Behavioral Health Paraprofessional, Parent and Family Support Specialist, Community Health Worker, Community Outreach Worker, Social Services Aide, Mental Health Worker, Promotoro/a, Youth Worker, etc.

What are the selection criteria for Project FUTRE?
We prioritize demographic and experiential diversity in each cohort. Interest in pursuing the Level II apprenticeship is also a plus.

Is participation in the Level II Apprenticeship required to participate in Project FUTRE?
Participation in Level II is not required for admission to Project FUTRE. However, we encourage all applicants to consider applying for an apprenticeship position. Admission priority will be given to those interested in on-the-job, apprenticeship training. The goal of this program is to create relevant Behavioral Health Aide work experience and increase the workforce in Arizona communities.

Do I have to work as a full-time employee to participate in the Level II Apprenticeship?
You are encouraged but not required to work as a full-time employee in the Level II Apprenticeship.

Am I required to be COVID-19 vaccinated to participate in this program?
We encourage all Trainees to follow CDC guidelines and get vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. Some partner employers may require COVID-19 vaccines to participate in onsite observations and apprenticeship placements. If you're working in healthcare, there are other vaccine requirements like Hepatitis B, Polio, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Varicella, etc. Healthcare employers commonly require vaccines to protect the health of patients in clinical settings. Vaccines are important to reduce the spread of communicable diseases to vulnerable populations that you will serve. Here are locations to get vaccinated
If you're concerned, here is more information about the vaccine.

How will I be paid by The University of Arizona?
For Level I, each Trainee will receive monthly checks. This can be setup via direct deposit or mailed to the Trainee. This does require the Trainee submit a W-9 directly to the University of Arizona Financial Services Office. The Financial Coordinator and Financial Services Office will walk each Trainee through the payment process.

What do I need to receive my monthly stipend payment?
Once enrolled in the program, you will receive an email from the PeerWORKS/FUTRE financials coordinator with next steps to receive your payment. NOTE: If you wish to receive stipends via direct deposit you must have access to a legitimate bank account or your payments will be delayed. Stipends cannot be sent to Venmo/Cashapp/Zelle accounts. Paper checks can be sent to most addresses, contact the financial coordinator for more information.

How will I be paid by the provider organization for Level II: Apprenticeship?
Following completion of the Level I, certification training, Trainees who are admitted to the Level II apprenticeship will be hired and work as an employee for one of several partner organizations as their employee, the partner organization will pay your salary directly. This will be coordinated and managed during the partner hiring and HR process.

Can I use a phone to participate in class?
No. We ask that all Trainees participate using a computer. If you do not have access to a computer, please work with your instructors and staff to access one.

My emails keep going to my spam. How do I fix this? How do I check my spam in Gmail?
Check out our Technology Help section on this webpage.

Can I join with my camera off while I’m doing other things such as working?
No. We ask that you keep your camera on while attending and being fully engaged in virtual classes.