What our Residents say

Personal quotes from residents about why they love Tucson:

"I love the cacti they are super cool interesting and you don't find them any where else" - Dr. Jenny Saint Aubyn
"I love the mountains and the hikes"- Dr. Chantelle Chen
"Blue skies"- Dr. Jenny Saint Aubyn
"Better skiing than Oklahoma!"- Dr. Joshua Clutter
" I love the coyotes that cross the road"- Dr. Jenny Saint Aubyn
" It's bike friendly!"- Dr. Myles Stone
"I love the golfing in December"- Dr. Marcos Teran
"I love the monsoon"-Dr. Chantelle Chen
" 30 min rise to mount Lemmon"- Dr. Naomi Young
"360 degree front row seats from anywhere to see the sunsets"- Dr. Jason Patel
" I love the hummingbirds"-Dr. Cynthia Carrillo
"There's always a friendly helpful face"- Dr. Chantelle Chen



Faculty Testimonials

"Things I love most about Tucson:

  • In any direction you have a spectacular view of mountains.
  • The sunrises and sunsets are unbeatable.
  • Monsoon season and the smell of rain from the desert creosote is one of the best times of year and nicest nature smells.
  • The desert wildlife----coyotes, bunnies, jackrabbits, road runners, hummingbirds, javelina, and even the snakes.
  • The climate, sunshine almost all year-round
  • The people in Tucson are so friendly, and will always stop to say hello and help if needed. When people in Tucson ask how you are doing, they genuinely want to know the answer.
  • The Desert Museum
  • Kitt Peak
  • Conducive to exercising, with the loop trail for running and biking, and many beautiful trails for hiking.
  • Sabino Canyon
  • Catalina State Park
  • Madera Canyon
  • Wasson Peak"