Zachary Sprague, DO

I was born and raised in Yuba City, CA a small farming community outside of Sacramento.  Growing up both of my parents were elementary school teachers so they knew if I misbehaved at school even before I got home.  I went to undergrad at UCLA and studied psychobiology. I will always be a bruin at heart but root for the wildcats as long as they’re not playing my bruins.  After undergrad I travelled through Europe and lived in Santa Monica for a year.

I attended medical school in Phoenix and loved the diverse ethnic population and warm weather Arizona had to offer. I couples matched with my Fiancé, who is a pediatric resident and we agreed we wanted to stay on the west coast.  U of A offered us both a great opportunity to learn from an excellent and diverse faculty in an academic setting.  It also provides me the opportunity to attend a residency program at an institution with a sports medicine fellowship. I plan to complete a sports medicine fellowship after completing my training and hope to work in collegiate athletics someday.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my fiancé and Pippa, my Shetland sheep dog puppy, who is fully of energy and will chew on anything she finds. I also enjoy athletics, participating in pick-up basketball and weight training as often as possible. I enjoy cooking and exploring the variety of cuisine Tucson has to offer.