Tim Hutchison

Career Story: 

At North Colorado Medical Center for 20 yrs. Practice FT in Emergency Medicine, provide Medical Direction for Helicopter Service, teach FP residents, do a lot of QA. Family went to New Zealand for locums in 2001 which was a blast would have stayed but relatives back in Arizona and wanted kids to have contact with them, plus we missed our dog!

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Have raised 3 well adjusted, great kids

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

3 publications and wrote a chapter in a book plus still love medicine and am not burned out

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Trying to keep fit, biking, hiking, skiing, hanging w/ the Family

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Close knit group, having a lot of fun, socializing, "the" talent show.

Personal Story: 

3 kids; 22F,19M,14M, 2 oldest in college so no early retirement for me! Jane works as a gardener for the City.