Steven "Bruce" Williams

Career Story: 

After completing FP (FM) residency and Faculty Development fellowship at UA in 1990, I joined the Infectious Diseases faculty at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine as primary care clinician for its HIV program, the state's largest provider of HIV services. I have continued in that role since then and in 2004 became the program's Medical Director. Along the way, I was site Principal Investigator within the NIH-funded CPCRA HIV clinical trials network (1995-2000) and more recently have been active in national HIV advocacy through the HIV Medicine Association (IDSA) and its affiliated Ryan White Medical Providers Coalition. Throughout the 1990's, I was the Medical Director of a HRSA-funded (Ryan White) statewide HIV services network which enabled community (rural, urban) access to high quality, HIV clinical care throughout New Mexico. This effort continues in a different form, sponsored by the NM Dept. of Health.