Stacy Akazawa, MD

I have been in Tucson since the second grade and stayed here for undergrad, medical school, and now residency, so I am a true Wildcat at heart! I graduated from undergrad with degrees in physiology and molecular and cellular biology with a minor in East Asian Studies. During medical school, I was able to focus on two of my interests by completing distinction tracks in Integrative Medicine and in Global Health. I am particularly interested in bringing integrative medicine modalities to an underserved population with a focus on nutrition. I couples matched with my fiancé who is going into dermatology, so I interviewed at a record number of programs, which were all very different from each other. In the end, I decided to stay at UA for residency because of the excellent faculty and residents who place an emphasis on a holistic approach to healthcare. I have always been amazed at the wide diversity of interests of the faculty and residents and have found it very easy to find people who have similar interests as me.