Sarah Severson Hutchison, MD

Languages spoken: English, very well
Why did you choose South Campus FM residency?: I wanted a program where I could get education in both inpatient and outpatient medicine. I am from Arizona and wanted to be able to learn about rural medicine in our state. I also have an interest in working with the underserved and Sputh Campus provided all of these opportunities to me.
What do you love most about Tucson?: I love that my friends and family are here. I love our zoo! I love our warm winters and cool summers (100+). We have a small town feel with a city over 1 million. There is always something fun going on around the city. And of course Wildcat Basketball! Beardown!
Tell us about your family (including pets!): We are an air force family. My husband does search and rescue. I have 1.5 children, 17 chickens, a resident Gila monster and a pound puppy. Ages 3 and nine months.
Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: My favorite color is sparkle, turquoise is a close second
2: I’m a life long Cubs fan (thanks dad)
3: I’m a Tillman Military Scholar