Samantha Meaney, MD

Career Story: 

As a girl born and raised in Long Island, New York I used to think that the West started at the Hudson River. Luckily, my view became a little broader as I grew older. After receiving my B.S. in pre-med at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania I found myself attending medical school in Dutch St. Maarten at American University of the Caribbean. Two years of studying, with a little sunbathing mixed in, was followed by starting my clinical rotations outside of London in Kingston upon Thames. There I fell in love with both OB/GYN and pediatrics and not to mention my fiance. It was a priceless experience, but, after 9 months my student visa had expired and we returned to New York to complete the rest of our rotations in both Brooklyn and Long Island. I was the kind of student that really enjoyed all of my rotations and after much introspection decided that Family Medicine would allow me the opportunity to continue enjoying all that medicine has to offer. As one half of a couples match you can imagine that the application and interview process became rather stressful. However, after coming out to Tucson during interviews, it became immediately apparent to us both that this was where we wanted to be for our residency training. I was immediately impressed with how knowledgeable and approachable the attendings were and how invested the faculty was in the residents' education, not to mention the great blend of rural, underserved, and academic settings which all offer a variety of unique experiences. Another draw to this program was the sports medicine fellowship. Being a 'retired' college athlete sidelined by injury, I spent many hours caring for my fellow athletes and have always been drawn to the management and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Currently, I'm practicing in Denver, CO.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

When I'm not wrapped up in my medical endeavors, my free time involves reading, running, yoga, and spending time with my family and friends especially relaxing with Matt and our dog Dash. Aside from this, one of my favorite things to do is travel. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live and visit beautiful places all over the world. For my next big trip I'm really hoping to go back to Italy and stay with some family that still live in "the old country". If that isn't in the cards for the next couple of years I would settle for having them come visit us and see the wonderful life we've begun.