Sagir Bera, DO

Career Story: 

I went to undergrad at UCLA where I majored in Physiological Science and earned a specialization in Business and Administration. While there, I was fortunate enough to work with the university's sports medicine department, eventually becoming a nationally certified athletic trainer (ATC). After graduation, I went on to pursue a Masters in Science of Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton, while concurrently becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). I went on to teach graduate prep courses and an Intro to Athletic Training course at a local junior college before applying to medical school. Luckily, I didn't have to be too far from the sun and beautiful beaches when I went to osteopathic medical school at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where I also earned my Masters of Public Health. If you hadn't figured out by now, my passion has been the pursuit of a career in sports medicine, utilizing a whole mind, body, spirit approach. This is what brought me to the UofA family medicine residency program. The program allowed me to combine my professional interests (teaching, getting involved in the community, performing research, and being a clinician) with my passion for sports medicine. I felt my background and interests were perfectly suited for the integrative medicine approach the program provides. Additionally, this program offered me the access to get involved in a wide array of sports medicine activities, as well as pursuing the affiliated sports medicine fellowship where I am today.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Like most Californians, when I'm not busy working, I enjoy spending my time outdoors in the sun. Tucson provides the perfect environment to be outdoors and enjoy nature, though I do miss my beaches. Being a huge sports fan, I often spend most of my days watching or playing sports. I love traveling when I get a chance and love trying great, new restaurants, of which Tucson has many. Growing up with my entire extended family near me in southern California, I know the importance of family, so I try to spend as much time with them as possible. Fortunately, when they are not around, I have my colleagues (my "Tucson family") to hang out with and enjoy the experiences that Tucson has to offer.

Personal Story: 

If you're around me enough and listen to me talk, you'll hear me say "dude" and probably realize where I'm from. I was born and raised near a small town called Los Angeles.