Robert Rowen

Career Story: 

I have become a leading alternative physician. I pioneered the nation's first law protecting alternative medicine in Alaska in 1990. Since, at least 15 states followed Alaska, including my new home state, California.I am editor in chief of one of the most respected alternative medical newsletters in the world: Second Opinion, www.secondopinionnewsletter.comI see the "hardest" patients imaginable, including those seen at UofA, Mayo, UCSF and more. Yet I find that almost all can be significantly or completely fixed by addressing the cause of their problems instead of suppressing their symptoms with synthetic petrochemical pharmaceuticals.I am seeing what we would have considered "miraculous" results with chronic pain with European techniques of neural therapy and oxidation medicine.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

See above. Also, co-authored a book on how the government came to control everything. "They Own It All (Including You!)". We have been compelled into servitude through the toxic currency called "Federal Reserve Notes". This book will change your life, I promise.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Single handedly getting the Alaska legislature to protect medical freedom in 1990.Enhancing alternative medicine, legally, professionally, and educationally. I teach oxidation medicine to world-wide physician audiences at medical conferences, a group of therapies that can cure infections in a day, reverse vascular disease, modulate the immune system, and more.Though living in California, I am licensed in Arizona and Nevada as a homeopathic physician (HMD).

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Outdoors, anything, gardening including backpacking, hiking and mountain biking.

Personal Story: 

Remarried and moved from Alaska to Santa Rosa CA area to join alternative physician new wife in 2001