Robert Lym

Career Story: 

I have worked in the same practice for the whole 9 years since I left residency. About 30% of my patients are Spanish speaking. I see 25 or so patients per day and work 4 days per week. I go to the hospital only for newborn baby care. I work for Intermountain Healthcare which is an integrated healthcare delivery system touted for keeping costs down. There are currently 6 other physicians in my practice. I take home call once every six weeks.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Surviving 5 children.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Golf/basketball/working out

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

I enjoyed the sweat lodge and learning about Native American healing. I also enjoyed our afternoons together hanging out in our debriefing sessions.

Personal Story: 

Melissa and I have been married for 12 years now and have 5 kids -- 3 girls and 2 boys.