Randa Kutob

Career Story: 

I am still here at University of Arizona after all these years! The wonderful thing about my job is that I can keep the same job and change the mix around every few years! Right after residency, I spent 2 years working as medical director of University Medical Center's Urgent Care. After a couple of flu seasons (in the days before antivirals were widely available for flu) I missed primary care. So I rejoined the Department of Family & Community Medicine. In the beginning, I was a full spectrum doc, doing inpatient, outpatient, and deliveries. I taught in both the Family & Community Medicine medical student clerkship and in the family medicine residency. Over time I focused more and more on the medical student teaching side of things, eventually becoming Clerkship Director and Chair of the College of Medicine Curriculum Committee. In 2007, a tenure-eligible research position opened up in the department and I shifted my focus to research. My research interests are in cross-cultural medicine, group office visits, diabetes and diabetes prevention. I still do a little teaching in the clerkship and occasionally with the residency. My clinical work is mostly at two skilled nursing facilities in town where I see patients and coordinate the long term care experience for the residency

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

I just passed my test for my black belt in jujitsu, and I am very happy that I did not break anything! I got interested in it after my son started taking classes, and it has been very fun.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

I have enjoyed all the things that I listed above. I think the best thing is when students or patients write you a thank you letter or card. This past year, I had a some of those, and it felt really wonderful.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Hiking and Jujitsu

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Making our end of residency video: Caroline and the Slim Fast, stealing books from each side of the clinic, Gary offering crumpled up clothes to another resident. Patrick's procedure clinic, missing attendings on milk cartons, etc. You had to be there, but we laughed very hard making it.

Personal Story: 

I am married to John Bormanis, and we are coming up on the 25 year mark. (time flies!) John has been working on his musical career, writing songs and performing at various locations around Tucson. We have one child, Ari, who is 11 and is our absolute joy. He's got a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing.