Paul Swenson, MD

Undergrad: Willamette University
Medical School: University of Colorado
Family Members: wife
Pets: Zen (Border Collie), Chara (Blue Heeler), and Chester (Beta fish)
Favorite Travel Spot: The outdoors
Free time activities/hobbies: Beer brewing, hiking, and running.
Interests in family medicine: Lifestyle modification Medical Costs, including cost containment. System-Based Improvement Differences in Care of the Uninsured.
Why Family Medicine?  Family Medicine offers a challenging collection of diverse topics, allowing me to care for the newborn, child, adolescent, and adults.                                     
Why UA COM at South Campus?  UA COM @South Campus offers a diversity of experiences ranging from outpatient, to inpatient and including the ICU.  The patient population is rich, allowing me to work with many types of patients and therefore improve my Medical Spanish, cultural competency, and understanding of the challenges insured and uninsured patients.  Rural opportunities give unique experiences in medical care that may otherwise to reduced or absent in other “academic” family medicine residencies.