Paul Hicks

Career Story: 

After I finished residency, I moved to a small town in Colorado as part of a community health center network called Salud Family Health Centers. Did a lot of OB, including cesareans, D&C, and tubal ligations; high-risk OB was a lot of fun. After a couple years, I was made center director of that clinic and then became associate medical director of the community health center network. Kept doing high risk and operative OB as well as hospital work. My last 2 years there, I did a Masters in Health Care Management and eventually left Salud after 10 years. It was time for a move, then, and came back to Tucson, and started working as a hospitalist at University Physicians Hospital (formerly Kino).. After my first year, and mainly because no one else wanted it J, I was made section chief for Inpatient and then departmental vice chair at the hospital. Teaching is lots of fun and really keeps me on my intellectual toes.