Parivash Sanders, DO

Why did you choose South Campus FM residency?
I knew I wanted to be an outpatient physician and chose a strong academic program to create a foundation of knowledge I could use in any setting. However, I also wanted to get more experience in rural environments, have access to reproductive health electives and work in a city with underserved populations. SCFMR has it all.
What do you love most about Tucson?
Opportunities to go hiking, visit snow an hour away in winter and eat at a dizzying array of restaurants. The local museums and quirky cafes are a highlight, and I love the lack of actual traffic! Finally, since I went to medical school in a rural location I also greatly appreciate being back in a city with bookstores, gaming shops and Target.
Tell us about your family (including pets!)
Married with three cats. Family in Phoenix, San Francisco, Toronto, Bojnord and Mahshad.
Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: I used to be a web developer/programmer. I quit to get away from computers!
2: I own more books than I have bookshelves to put them on. We have a lot of bookshelves.
3: I’ve traveled very little, but my first trip outside the US was to Iran. I hope someday to travel much more in the future.