Molly Roberts

Career Story: 

Current Activities:--Holistic Physician at the Institute for Health and Healing in Marin County and San Francisco, CA ( of the American Holistic Medical Association, 2011-2013( two books on Holistic Medicine topics--Mentor for medical students and residents interested in pursuing Holistic and Integrative Medicine as a careerPrevious Pursuits:--CEO and Co-Founder of LightHearted Medicine, a holistic medical practice in Tucson, AZ.--Co-Director and Founder of the Synchronicity Center, a retreat center in Tucson--Holistic Physician at the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

We have a very loving and close family, which is easily the biggest and best accomplishment in my life

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

--Published two books on Holistic Medicine topics--Speaker and retreat/workshop leader on Holistic Medicine topics nationally and internationally--President for the American Holistic Medical Association, 2011-2013 (

Favorite Recreational Activity: 


Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Our weekly meetings when we got all the residents together and learned about new topics

Personal Story: 

I am blessed with a lot of love in my life!--My husband - Bruce Roberts, MD--My three grown children - Katelyn, Jacob, and Rebecca--A large and tight-knit extended family--Great friendsLife is good!