Miranda Sonneborn, MD

Career Story: 

I went to Connecticut College for undergraduate. There I got a B.A. in Philosophy and developed my love for adventure and for humanity. After graduation I moved to San Francisco, CA, where I spent years biding my time in various careers before deciding it wasn't too late to become a doctor. I attended the University of SF for pre-med and then attended MCV/VCU in Richmond, VA for medical school. I was drawn to Family Medicine from early on primarily for how dynamic it is and that it fits best with my goals of working with underserved populations. I was thrilled to be doing residency at The University of Arizona (my top choice!) where I had found the teaching, patient population, quality of life (I love Tucson), and general culture to exceed all my goals when I was picking a residency program. I have dreams of finding some time in the future to practice medicine in Kenya, Honduras (again), rural Alaska, and on reservations in Arizona. I'm especially interested in behavioral health and LGBT health care among about a million other aspects of health care. After residency, I joined a group practice in San Diego, CA.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

I am a big animal lover, enjoy yoga, playing pool, and being outdoors.

Personal Story: 

I grew up in Anchorage, AK where I spent a lot of time camping, x-country skiing, and laughing.