Mary-Emma Holleman Beres

Career Story: 

I went to University of Rochester for a fellowship in obstetrics. I then moved to the mountains of Sparta, NC near the Virginia border. I have been a solo practitioner with a practice in Independence, VA (a HPPSA community) and am on staff at Alleghany Memorial Hospital in Sparta, NC. I did obstetrics and provided c-section coverage until 2004 when the malpractice crises made this impossible to continue. I started and am the Medical Director for the Ashe and Alleghany Farmworker Health Program for migrant farm workers. I am an Associate Community Professor for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Duke University and I teach physician assistant and medical students in my office. I continue primary care, inpatient care and nursing home care today.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Having a fun and healthy family.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Just being a small town family doc.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Baking, coaching soccer, yoga

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

The sweat lodge, our class trip to Mexico, doing triathlons, learning Spanish (in Guatemala as part of residency), my first c-section at U of Az and making friends.

Personal Story: 

Married since 1996 to Michael. We have 2 healthy children, Aidan 11, Eirwyn 10.