Mark Grant, MD

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Why did you choose South Campus FM residency? During my interview day, I loved how passionate the PDs/residents were about serving the undeserved and immigrant communities In Tucson. I was impressed by how intentionally the training is tailored to providing us the skills and experiences necessary to be impactful providers in these settings. Also, everyone I met here was so happy and welcoming!

What do you love most about Tucson? The loop trail provides > over 120 miles of cycling / running paths out my front door. The surrounding mountains are great for hiking, trail running, and camping. Being so close to the border, the community is incredibly diverse and vibrant. And most of all, no more Chicago winters!

Tell us about your family (including pets!) I was born and raised in Phoenix and am super excited to be living closer to my parents again. My two older sisters were great role models growing up and I am trying to convince them to move back to Az. I just got married and my wife and I can't wait to explore all the Southwest and Mexico have to offer!

Tell us some fun facts about yourself:
1: I grew up with a desert tortoise named Tank. He is older than me!
2: I for some reason decided to study accounting and worked as a CPA for three years....whoops!
3: I spent the year after M3 working at a primary care clinic in Palacios Bolivia