Mark Dambro

Career Story: 

After leaving Tucson, went to Fort Worth, TX and took a position as Senior Vice President for a large hospital corporation. Lots of fun, but decided to open a private practice. Did so and saw patients in a solo setting for the next 18 years. Proud that I always had a paperless office and in spite of early difficulties was able to have my entire practice on an EMR stubborn or smart hard to tell which!Started (with Winter Griffith) the 5 Minute Clinical Consult and continued to edit it with the help of my patients -- who provided all the questions I could ever want to answer in a reference text. Between myself and 350 very dedicated authors (mostly physicians), getting the book out every year was a challenge, but very much fun. It was my dream to bring a hand held clinical reference to the practicing physician and I believe I can say that the 5 Minute was the first such in-depth reference. I hope it helped my fellow physicians and their patients.After "retirement" I was recruited to a consulting position helping with Medicare Risk Adjustment and I'm now back fulltime as the company's Chief Medical Officer. Continuing to teach (NPs, MDs, PAs) the art of bedside diagnosis while helping the company with a thousand clinical and practice-related questions.Fortunately, my health remains good, my family and friends strong, my wife and daughter a constant source of strength and admiration for all that they do.Chief Medical Officer. Company consults with health plans to identify "at risk" members for case management and Medicare risk adjustment.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Took up piano at age 53 not appearing any time soon on stage, but at least I enjoy and certainly have a greater appreciation for those who can actually play. My wife and I raised a daughter who has successfully transitioned to college a truly satisfying, personal (and shared) accomplishment.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Originator and editor of "The 5 Minute Clinical Consult"

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Continuing to enjoy a lifetime interest in photography and now with digital cameras and the likes of Photoshop, it's all new, again. Recently pushed my gardening interest to become a "Master Composter" can now officially teach composting courses at the botanic garden (don't laugh, someone has to like soil)!

Personal Story: 

Married to a pediatric pulmonologist who has been very successful in directing her program. Daughter a sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles; looking toward a veterinary career.