Linda Lyle

Career Story: 

After residency, I worked about 2 years at aUPH family medicine office in Tucson, then moved back to Kansas and worked at Watkins Student Health Service at the University of Kansas.The perfect job - except for the weather. Lived in Lawrence, KS until I returned to my senses and returned to Tucson, where I worked for about 2 years at Student Health at the U of A. The perfect job. Unfortunately, giving birth to my son in 1993 and working nearly full time triggered post-polio syndrome and after trying many things I stopped working in February 2000 and went on disability (and broke the unofficial record of obtaining Social Security Disability 2 weeks after submitting my information.) Stopping work was the best thing physically but it was incredibly difficult emotionally/professionally. I'm feeling much better and function pretty well if I pay attention to my body.Volunteer now and then at the UA College of Medicine

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Raising my son - so far, so good. Marrying Larry - so far, so good.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Being named University of Kansas Woman of the Year in 1997 after being nominated by a few of my patients at Student Health.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Being in a cabin on Orcas Island, wood carving, knitting, hanging out with RB and Larry, training my dog.

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

A number of them: David Yost saying at the end of internship that it had been like a trip to Disneyland, delivering my last baby - so glad that was over and middle of the night call room conversations (and tears)

Personal Story: 

I married Larry Moher (yes, THAT Larry Moher from residency - it's a long story) in 1997 and we live near the U of A with our 17 year old son (I was a single parent and Larry adopted R.B. - his 5th son!) and our puppy who is being trained as aservice dog. Larry works for the College of Medicine and still serves as the primary counselor and ombudsman (unofficially) for the medical students. Life is pretty good. More ups than downs these days, no immediate crises.