Kristine Moran

Career Story: 

Practiced family medicine, initially at El Rio Neighborhood Health Clinic, mostly out-patient and in-patient adult medicine.Next was in San Francisco x 2 yrs, in small group and also ran an emergency room on coast south of San Francisco, where I did in-patient, out-patient, and emergency medicine. I was also medical director of an assisted living home.Next returned to Tucson, practiced in a group, doing mostly adult and adolescent medicine, in-pt and out-pt work, and variety of administrative duties such as quality assurance, utilization review, and peer review. This was most challenging and fulfilling part of my career.Next tried a part time job with shared outpatient practice for a year.For the next 7 yrs I stayed home, while my daughters completed high school and started college. I played tennis, joined bookclubs, and enjoyed traveling, bike and tennis vacations, family time, and a variety of volunteer positions.After boredom set in, I recertified in 2007 and returned to practice in 2008 in out-patient practice on Tucson's south side, doing mostly adult internal medicine in a very challenging practice.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Won a national championship in tennis in 2005

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Providing excellence in care to patients

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Tennis and hiking

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Enjoyed my family medicine rotation in my 3rd yr, feeling well trained and more confidant, and enjoyed mentoring interns and working with colleagues.

Personal Story: 

Married, 2 daughters, now 22 and 24