Kela Bergren, MD

Languages spoken: English

Why did you choose South Campus FM residency? This program truly had it all for me. I felt confident that the curriculum would train me to be a well rounded physician whether I wanted to work in a small-town rural setting, over seas, or anything in-between. The variety of different cultures in and around Tucson makes the patient population incredibly unique and rewarding to work with. Above all, everyone involved in the program is incredibly supportive and truly fun to work with!

What do you love most about Tucson? Tucson offers all the great amenities of a city but with a small-town vibe. I love the access to the outdoors and amazing sunsets.

Tell us about your family (including pets!) I currently am supporting the strong-independent-woman lifestyle! My mountain bike, Mic’, currently gets lots of love and attention. Back home in Montana I have a large family with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins that I absolutely love spending time with; there is never a dull moment with them!

Tell us some fun facts about yourself:
1:  I love traveling abroad, mostly to eat all the food!
2: I grew up fishing but to this day still refuse to bait my own hook with a worm.
3: I have had two research experiments onboard the International Space Station.