Julio Garcia

Career Story: 

After residency I started at St. Elizabeth's Health Center working with the uninsured. Served for a year as Medical Director for them prior to moving onto private practice in Oro Valley, AZ.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Placing in a few competitive athletic, running events including 2nd place in age division in a U of A sprint triathlon and 3rd in age category in an obstacle 5K with over 12,000 participants in Lake Elsinore, CA in 4/2010 (Warrior Dash).

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Medical Director for St. Elizabeth's Health Center in 2008-2009 2nd year after residency training

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Running, mini triathlons, basketball, golf and weightlifting.

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Too many to count. Many sentinel moments of learning from cohorts, teaching physicians, patients and other folks.

Personal Story: 

Married since 1998 to the lovely Elizabeth Garcia. No children and many dogs. We have many close friends and enjoy a low key stay at home lifestyle with occasional travel