Josef "Joe" Sipos, MD

Languages spoken
English, Slovenian
Why did you choose South Campus FM residency?
I chose South Campus Family Medicine residency because of the nationally recognized faculty, commitment to rural medicine, and opportunities to practice evidence-based medicine. South Campus faculty members go above and beyond for both the residents and patients.
What do you love most about Tucson?
The diversity of people and weather. When you live in Tucson, you get to meet all kinds of people from various cultural backgrounds. The weather is a plus especially in the winter time and summer monsoon lightning storms attract photographers from all over the world.
Tell us about your family (including pets!)
I am fortunate to have a great family. My family is from Eastern Europe and I am first generation. I grew up in a small mining town called Ajo, 120 miles Southwest from Tucson, near the border of Mexico. My father worked for the mining company Phelps-Dodge and my mother was a house wife.
Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: I’ve hiked Mount Kilimanjaro.
2: I don’t have a favorite weekday. Of course it was “Friday” when I was in school.
3: I’m an avid mountain biker. There are plenty of trails to ride in Tucson.