Jennifer Chun, MD

Interests in medicine:  Preventative medicine, Women's health, OB, Global and Public health

Why family medicine?  I never found an organ system I loved enough to devote the rest of my career! I love family medicine, because it involves taking care of an entire patient and community. All aspects of a person's life are taken into consideration. Also, there is the opportunity to prevent disease and provide public health. The scope of practice is so broad, I know I will never be bored in this chosen career path.
Why University of Arizona UPHK?  I chose this residency program, because it has it all. It has all the benefits of being based at a community based hospital, but has an academic hospital affiliation. There is a focus on procedures and opportunities to interact with both urban and rural populations.  Honestly, after interviewing at the program and hearing what they had to offer I felt that after I finish residency here I would be prepared to practice anywhere - urban, rural, or global!