Javier Laguillo, MD

Languages spoken
English, Spanish
Why did you choose South Campus FM residency?
South Campus is a great program with excellent, inviting faculty and residents who I was able to work with in my 4th year of medical school. I also love the rural focus, learning environment, and culture of the program.
What do you love most about Tucson?
I love the outdoors and hiking around Tucson, Southwestern culture, and all the different types of amazing food here. Having my family so close by is an added bonus!
Tell us about your family (including pets!)
I moved back here with my wife Jessie and our 4-year-old hound dog mix Brin. My parents live in Vail and I have three older brothers.
Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: I love rock climbing, but don’t always have time for it.
2: I’ve recently picked up playing the ukelele.
3: Ever since a bad basketball injury, my pinky finger extends a lot further than it should.