Jason Kauffman, DO

Career Story: 
had a non-traditional path to my career in family medicine. My birthplace is upstate New York. My family moved to North Carolina while I was in elementary school. My first degree was from North Carolina State University in Chemical Engineering. Upon graduating, I realized that I found dealing with people much more interesting than dealing with industrial processes. I headed West to Los Angeles where he received training in massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine which included Chinese herbs and Acupuncture. A desire to learn more about allopathic methods of healing resulted in me entering the Osteopathic Medicine program at Touro University in the San Francisco Bay Area. Given my extensive background in complimentary medical therapies, the Integrated Medicine residency at the University of Arizona was a natural fit. After completing residency, I joined a group practice in San Francisco, CA.
Favorite Recreational Activity: 
I am a food and wine enthusiast. I travel as much as time and budget allows, both domestically and overseas.