Jane Gilbreth

Career Story: 

I finished residency in 1982 and went to work in Tucson at Insurance Company of North American (INA) that soon changed its name to CIGNA (when the company was first "born"). After 2 yrs there I went back and did the fellowship in faculty development.----but by the time I was done with fellowship, funding cut backs had eliminated the job I was being groomed for. In those days, Barry Weis, Randy Soo Hoo, and I were the only ICU attendings in the residency. Then I worked at Tucson Clinic for 4 yrs Mike Scott (graduate from 1980) was my partner in the FP section.In 1989 I moved to Prescott AZ and joined an established FP/GP group for one year. and then I went out on my own. I grew from solo to a 4 doc / mid level office"_.got embezzled"_.and employee murdered by her soon-to-be ex-husband,"_.downsized back to solo and went through 2 bankruptcies related to it all. Then I said "heck with it" and sold the practice.1999 I moved to Roswell to be an employee on purpose in a multispeciality group. (No I have not seen any aliens for real except at the museum and in the annual parade) After 7 _ yrs I was let go as their 2 state medical system vision changed. Then I worked for a small FP office for almost 3 yr.The big change was leaving FP continuity medicine June of 2010 and going to work at the New Mexico Rehabilitation Center as medical director. I needed a job with benefits if I was ever going to retire and it was time to think of myself and my family. I admit and supervise care of patients on both the medical floor and the chemical dependency unit.I have gotten my experience in rehabilitation medicine via the school of hard knocks. My husband became a paraplegic at T10 five years ago due to transverse myelitis. He also has had many years of chronic pain and taught me a lot.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Birthing and raising a son in my old age

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Surviving boards 5 times

Favorite Recreational Activity: 


Favorite Memory from Residency: 

I laugh every time I remember the spoof awards our group handed out at our graduation from residency to our attendings. Jean Sullivan got the Harley Davidson motorcycle award (she rode a scooter); Randy SooHoo got the Dunkin donut award (he always brought donuts when he was attending); Jon Hake the Rodney Dangerfield I don't get no respect (our FP dept always struggled for respect at the University and Jon complained about it); Mike McGill the Candid Camera video taping excellence (he made us videotape patient interviews and analyze them); Josh Freeman - the William F Buckley clear diction award (he mumbled); Ron Fischler - can't recall the name- the Egyptian hieroglyphics award for hand writing excellence; Bernie Stein the Madison Wisconsin chamber of commerce service award for always bragging about his home town. Can't remember others right this minute"_"_"_. It was fun. I think I thought up most of the silly awards. I am still known for my dry sarcasm in the present

Personal Story: 

Married for 28 years. 17 yr son. Husband has been a paraplegic for 5 yrs due to transverse myelitis. This turned our family life upside down.