Genevieve Riebe, MD

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and I'm aNorthwest girl through and through -- I love drinking coffee, hiking, cycling, and experiencing theoutdoors as much as possible. Tucson is the perfect place to continue all of these activities, thoughI'm stilltrying to find a coffee shop to rival Cupcake Royal and Bauhaus in Seattle. Imade my way out to theSouthwestfor the University of Arizonawith my boyfriend whoalso matched at U of A in the EM program, andwe couldn't be moreexcited! I was drawn to the program for the great sense of community, opportunities to work with underserved populations, and the fantastic faculty.Not to mention, we have hiking, rock climbing, and beautiful scenery right out our backdoor. As for my background - I attended Western Washington University for my first three years of college and then transferred to The Evergreen State College, majoring in psychology/neuroscience. Aftercollege, I worked as a research assistant for the IMPACT center at the University of Washington, residential counselor to children and teenagers on inpatient psychiatric units in Seattle and Chicago, and as a smoking cessation counselor for Free and Clear which ran the national quit tobacco lines. After a year, I decided to pursue medicine and moved to Chicago to attend Loyola University for my post-baccalaureate in pre-medical studies. While I was there I continued my work in psychiatry as a milieu therapist at Children's Memorial Hospital and as a research coordinator in psychiatry and internal medicine at Rush University. I made my way back to the West for medical school at the University of Washington and now to the Southwest for residency. It's been quite an adventure!