Gary Giblin

Career Story: 

I work in Santa Fe at La Familia Medical Center, where I've worked since residency graduation. I had a brief stint as medical director (a period I call the "Reign of Error.") La Familia is a full-specturm practice, with inpatient, outpatient, obstetrical care, and a small residency program run through the clinic similar to El Rio back in residency days. I also enjoy working with fellow residency grad Joan Carrellas, who works at the center, too.I go to Nicaragua almost yearly and do some teaching at the medical school and stay with the family that took care of me there back in the 1980s. Nicaragua makes Tucson seem cool sometimes.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

My favorite pastime is just being a dad and I don't look forward to the natural distancing that will occur in the teen years. I mainly garden for relaxation and swim for exercise; I had back surgery a few years ago so my NBA dream died then

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Being a group of wonderful human beings who were supportive, fun, and dedicated. I still consider Paul Weintraub as my role model (does that make me sound pathetic?).

Personal Story: 

I am staring at the big 50 coming up next year, as well as a 16th wedding anniversary for Sally and me. Our two girls, Ariana and Astrid, are 13 and 11, and have outgrown my ability to coach them in soccer.