Francisco J. Prieto

Career Story: 

El Rio in Tucson for 3 yrs, then a small FP Group in Sacramento., now a large multi-specialty but very FM friendly group. I did OB for my first few years. Have done some teaching mostly in my office the entire time, still enjoy that. Treating a heavily hispanic population with lots of diabete, let me to be an active volunteer for the American Diabetes Assoc. for more than10 yrs, in various roles especially tying in my love of cycling and exercise promotion and am on the local Board, as well as the committee organizing Tour de Cure, our cycling fundraiser. In 2004, after California passed Prop. 71 (stem cell research initiative), I was named to the Board as a patient advocate for Diabetes. We (The Ca. Institute for Regenerative Medicine) are now the largest funder of embryonic stem cell research in the world, and it has kind of consumed my life. It's also the most fascinating thing I've ever done, and a glimpse into the real future of medicine. If you're interested:

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Remaining married and in love for 30 years . Riding a couple of centuries and multiple metric centuries.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

William Black Memorial Award, CA. Academy of Family Physicians, Sacramento Chap. 2011 Memberships with American Diabetes Association, National Advocacy Committee and Latino Diabetes Action Council.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 


Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Lots of them, but one pops to mind: my resident Warren Perkins sharing some poetry with me one night on call. I can't imagine too many other specialties where a resident might think that was worthwhile. Also a little fun with Lennie Fieber at the Tucson VA, but I'm not sure a prankster should reveal his secrets. Going with fellow residents to hear Los Lasers after work. Meeting my wife at the nursey in University Hospital.

Personal Story: 

Still married for 30 years now to Yolanda, (working for the same medical group) with two wonderful grown kids; one living in Europe for 3 years and the other living in Sacramento and working for the California Assembly. No grandkids yet. No marriages either, but I know it's old fashioned of me to link the two. Enjoying travel, good food & wine, cycling (me) and tennis (my wife).