Erica Kumala, MD

Where are you from?     
Los Gatos, California
Why did you choose UA Family Medicine?    
I was excited about the ability to delve into integrative medicine at UA FM with the IMR modules. I also really liked everyone I met on my interview day and liked that I would have the chance to help a diverse, underserved population during residency.
What is your favorite thing about living in Tucson?
I love that there's no traffic compared to the big cities I've lived in previously.
What are your interests or hobbies outside of medicine?
Outside of medicine I like doing yoga, attempting to play decent guitar songs, and running to decompress.
What are your professional interests within Medicine?     
I am interested in integrative medicine, particularly mind-body medicine, stress management, and nutrition. I'm hoping I can incorporate these things into my practice in the future to help my patients with acute and chronic medical conditions.
Favorite Vacation spot?    
San Francisco Bay Area

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